During the 3 years of the project a good number of conferences and events have been attended by the consortium.  Associated to the events an intense dissemination has been carried out.

Obviously dissemination activities were precisely oriented, dedicated and diverse.

We could organize them in three main cathegories:


a)     for general public through exhibitions and events

b)     for specialized users through the organisation of training courses, and B2B 

c)     Scientific publication for utility networks and public bodies.



The subsoil as repository of structures and social functions, as a new dimension of territory, a vital resource to be exploited and safeguarded. These are the topics put on center stage by the magazine Sottosopra – Upsidedown, stimulating reflection and provoking reactions and disagreements; in short, fuelling the ongoing debate between voices and perceptions which differ widely but come together in a common direction.

Check the PDF version of the Magazine 





International Exhibition “Accadueo H20”,  23-25 May 2012 – Ferrara (Italy)

International exhibition of the technologies for water treatment and distribution, network products and plants and underground planning. IATT bought a booth and presented the new technology to more than 250 visitors. In addition a seminar was organized during the Exhibition focused on relining technologies and the project was presented to all participants, among them water utilities and potential investors.






30th International No-Dig Brasil     September 2012 – Sao Paolo (Brasil)

IATT and PFTT Chairman presented at Sao Paolo interim results of the project during the International Exhibition. 






International Exhibition “Geofluid”  3-6 October 2012 – Piacenza (Italy)

International Exhibition for the Technologies and equipment of underground fluids. Sectors: trenchless machineries.


IATT bought a booth and organized 68 meetings with builders and utility networks to introduce the state of the art of the project. The technology raised the interest of a number of European companies.  A  benchmarking session, in form of a confidential panel, with 4 builders and re-lining implementers was carried out, in order to explore market targets and potential applications of the new technology.






 In May 2013 IATT in cooperation with Medworks and other companies organized a training session to present the EZ project to top engineers and companies specialized in re-lining technologies.

During the training session a field exercise has been organized involving all participants.

We simulated a re-lining operation comparing a traditional U-Liner technology with the new EZ Line prototype, in terms of technical, logistical, environmental and financial effort.

The assumption of the exercise was provided by data supplied by the ongoing preliminary tests on the prototype adjusted in line with a real fabric production.






International Exhibition “RISORSE COMUNI”, 20-21 June 2013 – Milan (Italy)

IATT organized the panel: “BeneathSmartCity” with the participation of Regione Lombardia,DublinMunicipalityand the European DG Connect.

The experience promoted by Regione Lombardia, ANCI Lombardia and IATT to participate in the design of networks of underground services in the area surrounding the EXPO2015 site, has brought a number of interesting results and raised some questions concerning the EZ Prototype that contributed to the technical development of the final product. The aim of the panel was to compare findings with other relevant international experiences that have been conducted in recent years on the design and management of technological networks and innovative re-lining technologies.



31st International No-Dig     1-4  September 2013  - Sidney (Australia)

IATT participates to the International No Dig and shows the results of EZ Line system in a conference which involves all the other international affiliated of ISTT. where a panel of trenchless experts discussed and debated pertinent issues for the trenchless community.






International Exhibition “EXPOTUNNEL 2013” 17-18 October 2013 - Bologna (Italy)

IATT bought a booth at the ExpoTunnel 2013 to show the evolutions of the prototype and meet stakeholders and engineers to improve the final design of the prototype.

This activity was very important because was organized within the framework of the showcase dedicated to the world of tunnelling, drilling, mining, underground construction and research and we meet key market players. During the exhibition IATT organized a seminar addressed to the companies that already work in the subsoil technologies field and to the professionals that plan interventions where these technologies can be valid alternatives of more traditional solutions using pigs solutions and new liners. 



6th International Fair of Water and Sewage Infrastructure, Drainage and Land Reclamation TIWS  18-20 September 2013, Kielce

PFTT bought a booth aimed at making dissemination and promotion of EZ-Line technology.


PFTT Chairman - Meeting with representatives of companies interested in EZ-Line technology, 24.04.2013,Warsaw





Discussion about EZ-Line technology with Polish Waterworks Chamber of Commerce, 04.06.2013,Bydgoszcz


Promotion of EZ-Line technology among invited guests from across the country during seminar at Kielce University of Technology, 23.09.2013, Kielce(PFTT Chairman)


"International Trade Fair for Technical Textiles and Nonwovens “Techtextil” 11 to 13 June in Frankfurt (Germany)

Centrocot bought a booth aimed at making dissemination and promotion of EZ-Line technology.

The trade fair presented the latest materials, production innovations and materials technologies in the textile field. Centrocot R&D Department was there in order to present its research activities, testing methods and new innovative proposals, including the results on EZ LINE project.



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TechniTex Sirris
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